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African Bush Elephant

The African bush elephant is the worlds largest land animal, with males weighing up to 10 tons and standing at about 3 metres tall. Female elephants are not quite as tall or heavy, but are still incredibly strong! An elephant has huge ears and a long trunk, often with two large tusks on either side of it. These can grow over a metre in length. It's safe to say there's no animal quite like the elephant!


Elephant Conservation

The African elephant is at risk of extinction because of illegal poaching, habitat loss, and human-elephant conflict.


In many countries, elephants are hunted for their ivory tusks. The demand for ivory has increased in recent years, which has led to an increase in poaching. Elephants also face a risk of habitat loss due to deforestation and agricultural expansion. Finally, elephants often live near farms or towns, where they can get into trouble when they raid crops or attack people.

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