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Elephant Shrew

The elephant shrew is named because its long snout resembles an elephants trunk. It is in fact not a shrew, nor a rodent at all. In fact, studies have shown that it is a closer relative of the elephant than of the shrew. It is also known as a jumping shrew or a sengi. 


Some elephant shrew species also eat new leaves, but they mostly eat small creatures, such as ants, termites, beetles, spiders, millipedes, and earthworms. There are several species found in Africa


Elephant Shrew Conservation

Only one species of elephant shrew is endangered: the Golden rumped elephant shrew. is found in the northern coastal areas in and around Arabuko Sokoke National Park Mombasa in Kenya​It is the largest of all the elephant shrew species and is named after its interesting colouration. This species is in peril due to the fragmented forest environment that it lives in. They are often caught in traps by poachers, although they are not targeted for their meat, due to their foul taste.

If you'd like to learn more about elephant shrews and how you can help them, take a look at the following links:

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