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The African leopard is a beautiful cat, but it is the most elusive of all members of the big and little five. With a golden coat marked with black spots or rosettes, the leopard is a master of disguise and can slink into the shadows or the long grass and disappear from view. This also makes the leopard a fantastic hunter, who is skilled in ambush and is strong enough to pull most of their prey right up into the tall trees. Leopards are right at home in the treetops and spend much of their day resting up in the cool canopy. 


Leopard Conservation

The leopard is probably the most threatened big cat on Earth. It is extinct in 13 regions (and suspected to be extinct in seven more). Leopards have vanished from at least two-thirds of their historic range in Africa and nearly 85% percent of their historic range in Europe and Asia. Their biggest threat is habitat loss, as well as conflict with humans. There are various initiatives to help the struggling populations left in the world. Here are some of them:

Cape Leopard Trust


Leopard Conservation Project

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